About the Dholuo Bible

After mastering Dholuo, Willis together with A.E Pleydell another CMS missionary translated and arranged for the publication of the Gospel of Mark in 1911, Luke and John in 1912 by the BFBS, London. In south Nyanza A.A.Carscallen of the Seventh Day Adventist Mission translated the Gospel of Mathew which was published by the BFBS in in 1914 while J.F Clarke of the African Inland Mission translated the book of Acts which was published in 1915. It was left to A.E Pleydell to translate the remaining books, revise some of the earlier ones (e.g Mark, Luke, John, James in 1917, Romans to Philippians, Titus in 1921, John 1924) and co-ordinate the effort, which saw the first publication of the Luo New Testament in 1926 by the BFBS, London. The first book the Old Testament did not appear until the year 1933.this was the first work of Grace A. Clarke of the seventh Adventist Mission (SDAM) assisted by William Ogembo and Paul Mboya among other native speakers. However the final Old Testament translation which appeared in 1953 published by the BFBS was mainly the work of Grace A. Clarke (SDAM), W.E. Owen (CMS), and H. Capen (AIM). This was a good example of the interdenominational cooperation and endeavor. The same cooperative spirit was very much evidenced in the move to do another new common language translation. The first portion of the new translation of the Gospel of John appeared in 1962, followed by Mathew in 1963, Mark 1964 and Luke 1966.the common language New Testament appeared in 1968 published by the Bible Society of East Africa. This new effort was the work of A.W. Mayor (CMS), Roy L.Stafford(CMS), H&A. Capen (AIM) assisted by P.Kusmin ( Finnish Lutheran Mission) and a number of native speakers including Daniel Songa, Daniel Ongile , C.Skoda and Barack Omolo Iro. The final interconfessional Bible with the deuterocanonical books appeared in 1977 published by the Bible Society of Kenya. Roy Stafford with Jacob G. Ouko,Nikon Owor and J.Ouma assisted by a committee of reviewers are created with the actual work of translating the OT and coordinating the effort in language speaking area to make the interconfessional Bible available to the churches. This was the first complete bible published by the Bible Society of Kenya which contained deuterocanonical books.

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